Quinic acid  Structure

What is acid reduced coffee? To be considered acid reduced coffee, the coffee your drinking must have a pH of 5 or higher. For example. Pure water has a pH of only a 7. Our coffee has an average pH of 6.5. Ultimately, If you can drink water without hurting your stomach, you can drink our coffee. You can enjoy any roast we offer. If you currently suffer with reflux, We recommend Medium or Dark roasted, although all of our roast contain the same reduced acid. We break down the Quinic acid, the acid that burns your stomach derived from the roasting process. There are many chemical reactions that take place during roasting and this reaction is one of those many. 

So how is this achieved? There are NO additives or industry secrets. Our Roast Master has the necessary skills to accomplish this type of roast. Our process consist of our secret of Corse. Simply put. Time. temperature and air flow control.

Bottom line. We have great coffee with the same caffeine as the average consumer coffee between 80 - 100 mg per cup. So you don't have to give up the caffeine or flavor of your favorite cup of joe.